over 300 000 high-quality vector images

161 Gb vector cliparts



If you burn the entire vector clipart on DVD discs, you get 40 DVD discs


All vector cliparts are made at a high professional level and fully comply with all necessary standards, with the ability to edit any necessary element, in color and shape.


The vector clip art collection contains images on any topic and for any needs; this is one of the largest collections you can find.


The proposed vector clipart collection has been collected for many years, most of the clip art was purchased at various photo stocks, which makes it unique, since most of the images you can only buy separately, which is an average of $ 3 one image.


After downloading a large collection of unique vector clipart will always be at your fingertips whenever it comes in handy and you won’t waste time and money searching for the right image on the Internet.

This vector clipart collection will become an indispensable tool in the development of designs as a building material, and creative inspiration, increase the productivity of any manufacturing company or designer, significantly expand the scope of what is possible when creating new projects or updating old ones.


This collection will be very useful if you constantly need high-quality vector images to work with, for example, developing print media layouts, outdoor advertising designs, web design and content filling, for decorating bloggers, printing photo wallpapers for interiors or facades, applying to fabrics, other types of production and application of images.


The collection of vector clipart collected only high-quality images, most of which you will not find in the public domain for download and this guarantees the uniqueness, not the banality of vector images, the collection contains images on various topics and areas, sorted for ease of use and search for the desired image.

Vector clipart, 161 GB, more than 300,000 high-quality vector images (ai, eps):

Total 35$

Payback collection of a clip art from one medium project

for example, buying images on shutterstock: $ 49 - 5 images / $ 229 - 25 images

Why buy / pay if you can download free vector cliparts.


Most production companies, designers, bloggers do this, it’s enough to search for the phrase “download vector clipart for free” and you will get hundreds of pages on most of which, one way or another, you can download a clip art, but


Problems and disadvantages that you will face on free clip art distributions:


• A limited, meager selection of images that are somehow found on all free distributions and are available to millions of visitors to all these sites (you want something original, not like everyone else, is it?).


• You need to spend a lot of time to find and download something suitable (not great, but there is no other one anyway).


• Almost all sites where you can download free cliparts, require registration from the user (followed by sending spam to specified addresses), in most cases downloading is possible after viewing long advertisements and at low speed, and most sites limit the number of free downloads ( free cheese only in a mousetrap).


  • Purchase of vector clipart is carried out by transferring $ 35 (or in UAH at a commercial rate at the time of payment), to Privat Bank card (Ukraine).
  • After receiving the funds, you will be provided with a link to the clipart.
  • The transfer of clipart is carried out online, you are sent a link to download, login and password to enter.

Standardly, the transfer of clipboards occurs by providing access to the FTP server, from which the material is downloaded, to increase the speed of clipboard transfer, it is recommended to use an FTP client or a downloader program (thanks to them, download in several streams is available, which saves time on file transfer).


It is also worth considering that with high-speed Internet connection, the transfer of 100 GB of information takes from 1 hour ...


There are also other ways of transferring cliparts, uploading to your file sharing service with the necessary volume or to your FTP, recording to external media, other methods by agreement.

In the video below, there is a small random selection of images from the vector clipart collection, a movie about 5 minutes, with a series of images, it is somewhere around 5% of the entire collection ...


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After payment on the specified details, be sure to unsubscribe or call for payment, in order to understand from whom the finance came, this is a must!

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